Ya se rumoreaba hace unos dias, pero ahora se puede confirmar con todas sus letras. Race Face esta completamente de vuelta en el mercado de las bicicletas, y al parecer que con aires completamente renovados. Me alegro enormemente, ya que sin duda es una de mis marcas favoritas, y muchos de sus componentes los uso en mis bicicletas.
Los dejo con el comunicado oficial, es un entendible y perfecto Ingles:

“Hi Everyone! As you probably know, the artist formally known as Raceface is back! New ownership, same killer gear! I felt lost not having RF around. I didn’t know what to put on my bike…other than more Raceface stuff. ha ha Luckily, we can all breath easy and go for a ride, using our favorite RF parts, thinking about nothing but…the ride! I have sexy black Atlas components on my Rocky Flatline that makes my inner bike nerd smile! I’m riding everyday, coaching kids for Escape Adventures a couple days a week for now, coaching for Camp of Champions all July (except for 1 week of hosting Crankworx), and announcing mtb races on the weekend! Loving every minute of it! Whew! Welcome back RACEFACE! Let’s give ‘er”

LINK: Race Face